Monday 19 November 2018
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Counseling the Adult Learner: Helping Corporate Employees Maximize Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Programs (TAP) are a good benefit for Adult Learners who operate in corporations. Individuals employees can engage in $3000 or even more each year, reimbursed by their company. However, many employees think it is frustrating to go back to college and don’t make the most of their tuition reimbursement supplied by the organization.

A few of the primary explanations why corporate workers are not utilizing their tuition assistance programs are:

• Finishing a diploma will require a lot of time

• Many colleges are extremely costly, as well as with tuition assistance, there’s still money out-of-pocket

• It is not easy for many employees to understand how to start or how to decide on the best college or major

• College terms for example Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and Credit by Examination (CBE) are confusing and worker are unsure if these programs affect them.

• Corporate employees get annoyed by aggressive marketing from For-Profit Colleges.

Employing an Independent Academic Consultant or perhaps an Educational Management company with Academic Advisors might help overcome these barriers to education which help the workers pick a qualified college, centered on their set goals, background skills and inside the company’s Tuition Assistance guidelines. Here are the ways in which Academic Advisors can help to save time off work a diploma plan, save tuition dollars for the organization and generate a reasonable Road to Graduation for that worker.

Independent Academic Advisors:

• Aren’t associated with any college or college, so could make independent recommendations to assist the worker save your time which help the organization cut costs.

• Can consider the employees’ existence and experience, licenses, certificates, military and company training to pick schools which will make use of this Prior Learning for school credits.

• Will recommend universites and colleges that stay inside the Tuition Assistance maximum reimbursement each year.

• Help employees stay inside their financial means and never enter into Education Debt.

• Have experience of Educational settings or corporate Training and Development and also have advanced levels. Some have experience as Career Counselors or College Finance Advisors.

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